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Grammar Plus A2 with Audio CD (Suett Lisa)

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Grammar Plus A2 with Audio CD (Suett Lisa)

Grammar Plus A2 with Audio CD (Suett Lisa)

Značka: ELI
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Kód: MDA.0387538 , EAN: 9788853615695

Parametry - Grammar Plus A2 with Audio CD (Suett Lisa)

Značka ELI
Počet stránek 96
Datum uvedení 01.01.2013
Hmotnost 0,266 Kg
Typ produktu Knihy - paperback

Popis - Grammar Plus A2 with Audio CD (Suett Lisa)

A series of manuals to review and practise English grammar, carefully graded to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference. Organised in order of increasing difficulty, each unit presents a clear explanation of the grammar point, provides examples in context and then offers thorough practice in a battery of exercises of varied type. The exercises progress from simpler, guided activities to summing-up exercises that put various elements together. The student is also encouraged to give ‘personalised’ answers to many exercises. Recordings of all the listening activities are provided on the Audio CD that accompanies each volume. Components Textbook (96 pp full colour) Audio CD Answer Key available online

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